Saturday, September 11, 2004

Persian affairs

I had to write. I did. But my nonsense would have been excessive. One should not write at 2:30 after arriving from a party. But the persians, said Herodotus, only deliberated upon affairs of weight when they were drunk. On the next day, when they were sober, the decision made the night before was evaluated. If approved, they would carry it on. If not, they would forget it. Sometimes, they had to deliberate while sober. In such a situation, they reconsidered the matter under the influence of wine.

So then I should write, and if I say too much nonsense, I should consider my words tomorrow, when sober, and decide if they should or not be published, and erase the post if necessary. I think it will pass. I have not revealed anything so terrible. I could have published my politically incorrect edible people wish list. That's what I was thinking about when I started to write this post.

That's it. I have to sleep. Tomorrow I shall deliberate sober on matters decided under alcoholic influence. The night is over; I should get some sleep now.

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