Friday, October 22, 2004

Words from beyond the screen

You, in this dark cell! What do you fear?
Is it life outside? The sunny day?
You speak to yourself but do not hear
The shadows laughing at what you say.
This is a world with no atmosphere
Mere illusions we pixels display
Of words and pictures seldom sincere
You sit, and write, and life blows away.
You must get up! Now! Away from here!
The Sun will set, and you will decay
Don't let the web make life disappear
Turn it off now with no more delay!
     But wait! Save my words before you go.
     This is my world and here I must glow.

(São Paulo, October 2004)


therainandme said...

err...thats not very clear is it? !

Helder da Rocha said...

Maybe not. I don't really understand pixel language. It's strange to have a glowing dot dictating.