Friday, March 17, 2006


Originally written in Portuguese.


(Two blind men, somewhere on stage.)

FIRST BLIND MAN – She's gone.


FBM – Nobody knows. (pause) The truth is that she hasn’t been here for a long time. I can still feel her touching me, but I can no longer see her.

SBM – It’s a dream.

FBM – No. It is not. She left her marks on me... sometimes she hurts me. I can smell her. She smells like blood. She screams, she begs to be seen; she strikes me; she knocks me down.

SBM – Is there no return?

FBM – No.

SBM – How can you be sure?

FBM – Because... because I don’t want it. If I continue taking these... things… she will return, but I don’t want that. She only exists when I'm hallucinating. Perhaps she’s only a simulation, a program, an idea...

SBM – But what about the bruises, the screams...

FBM – It's true... Maybe it's the other way around... Maybe she does exist, but not in the system, you get it? If I cut myself off the system I won’t see anything, nor her, nor you, nobody! Like now… She may have disconnected...

SBM – But then she is real...

FBM – Probably... possibly...

SBM – It’s as if she were... a specter, a ghost.

FBM – No. She has a body… without a face. Maybe she's body with no soul.

(They both turn off their canes.)


(Two blind men, somewhere on stage.)

SECOND BLIND MAN – How silent.

FIRST BLIND MAN – It's the stillness. Very soon the storm will be here.

SBM – Perhaps it would be a good idea if we went home.

FBM – No. I'll wait.

SBM – I understand... do you mind if I don’t stay?

FBM – No. But it’s safer if you do.

SBM – Why?

FBM – Because this place doesn't exist in the system! Didn't you get it? There is no way they can take anything from you here.

SBM – But what can they take from me?

FBM – Oh... (sigh) Your identity, your presence, your existence...

SBM – I... I didn’t know that was possible...

FBM – And near the passage there are singularities.

SBM – Singularities?

FBM – Yes! Failures of continuity. The map doesn’t match the territory. This territory is controlled by no one, but when you cross from one side to the other, a transition is exposed. (cruel) She’s probably somewhere around here, and if you cross, she might attack you.

SBM (terrified)– Why did you bring me here?

FBM – Oh... for a moment I thought you wished to see.

SBM – To see? What do you mean, to see? Here I don’t see anything, man!

FBM – You see more than you can see back home, my friend. Here all illusions belong to us. No one injects anything into your mind.

SBM – You prefer to never see anything again?

FBM – What would I want to see? All I see, all I hear, the pain I feel, the pleasure... none of it is real.

SBM – My face... the people... the colours...

FBM – Don't you understand? We are blind! Blind! This... this sight of ours is artificial! Do you really believe it's reality? If those who see naturally can’t see what they are looking at, imagine those who never saw anything at all!

SBM – But… this is absurd… who… who controls all this?

FBM – Nobody.

SBM – Nobody?

FBM – I don’t know. But you don’t need anyone controlling it. Multitudes of blind people run towards the cliff and each one of them believes the other one knows where they're going. They share the same illusions, and they think those illusions are reality. If you are not deluded you can only be blind, like us, otherwise, you are probably mad.

(A sound, as if someone were roaring softly. They turn off their canes.)

SBM – What was that? (afraid) Is it her?

FBM – I don’t know... I feel something... pulsating.

SBM – Pulsating?

FBM – Yes! Hear it!



(Two blind men, somewhere on stage.)

SECOND BLIND MAN – How quiet... It’s still not the storm.

FIRST BLIND MAN – Maybe thunder, far away.

SBM – Someone may have crossed the passage... maybe… someone may have been attacked.

FBM – Maybe.

SBM – She might be here!

FBM – Maybe.

SBM (anxious) – I think... I… maybe It’s OK if I go home now... Can you take me to the tower?

FBM (can't believe it)– Oh, c'mon... do you really want to return?

SBM – If… if I don’t, where am I supposed to go? I can’t stay here forever!

FBM – Man... you never left this place.

SBM – What do you mean?

FBM – You are after an illusion! The truth is that you have never been anywhere else. Do you understand me?

SBM (nervous) – No!... I don’t understand!... It’s too much for me! I am… I am very confused! This is too complicated. My head hurts...

FBM – It’s OK. Calm down, calm down... I know it is not easy.

SBM – I think… I think I will go now.

FBM – Yes. Go. It is time.

SBM – Will you come with me?

FBM – No need.

SBM (hesitating) – But... What if she comes?

FBM – She is not coming any more.

SBM – How… how do you know?

(First Blind Man sings softly.)

SBM (terrified) – She’s already here!...

FBM – She always was.

SBM (panic) – Where?

FBM – Don’t ask me where... ask who.

SBM – Who?

FBM – Yes... Ask who. There is no space. All of this is your mind! Take a look at the mirror.

SBM – Mirror? What mirror? What’s in the mirror?

FBM – What you’ve been looking for all your life.

SBM – Who are you?

FBM – Yes... exactly! That's it!

SBM (confused) – I... I didn’t get it...

FBM (gives up) – Come... here... put on your eyes (helps him with his artificial eyes).

SBM – Please explain... please.... what is going on?

FBM (while he puts the eyes on Second Blind Man) – Nothing. Everything already happened.

SBM – Already happened?

FBM – Oh yes! It is night now. Very soon a new day will be born.

SBM – I can’t make any sense of your answers.

FBM – You don’t need to... that’s how the Universe works. It can only exist forever if Death does her job. (he turns the eyes on)

SBM (afraid) – Death...

FBM – Oh yes! (turns and starts to leave) Sometimes we are so involved with our own illusions that we don’t even notice her arrival. She was here all the time. Isn’t that true?

SBM – I... I can’t see anything!

FBM (leaving the stage) – There is nothing more to see.
(First Blind Man leaves the stage. When the Second Blind Man discovers he is alone, he moves toward the mirror, as if he could see it. On seeing his reflection, he pulls his eyes off.)

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