Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I play with fire

Love is true, love is free, but love is a naughty child.

She never settles for less than everything.

Her intentions are the best, but her moves are sly and unpredictable.

She is life, true life in the best sense of the word, but her will is unbounded.

She will take whatever is at hand to have the world.

She does not think. She loves.

She wants my existence, my mind, my dreams and my life.

No pacts, treaties, commitments have any value whatsoever.

Love just loves, and loves irrationally, intensely, without bounds.

If she loves me, I am the Universe, I am Creation.

If she leaves me, I am the specter of nothingness in the winds of Hell.

I am in love with Love; therefore, I am doomed.

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