Saturday, June 03, 2006

Acting in Germany

Scene from the beginning of the play (captured from DVD recorded by Carlos Ebert). I am the blind man playing the acordeon.

This is a version of a post originally written in Portuguese.

Next Monday (June 5th) I will be in Germany, travelling with my theatre group to participate in an international theatre festival: Play-off’06, which will last from June 5th to June 17th in four cities in the Ruhr area, or Ruhrgebiet (state of Nordrhine-Wesfalen). Our play: Dress your body in thorns, was selected to represent Brazil. There will be at least two performances. One on June 7th, in Essen, and the other on June 13th in Herne (details below).

The text was written as part of collaborative process. We sought inspiration in surrealism, modern existentialist issues and in many ideas of the French writer and actor Antonin Artaud. I can say it’s an impressionist play. It’s not a conventional play with beginning, middle and end. It doesn’t have a conventional aristotelic structure (it’s not a tragedy, nor a comedy.) It’s more like a poem or a surrealistic painting. It consists of several scenes that have a common theme which is the search for consciousness, existence or reality. Time does not exist and space is an illusion of the mind. The beginning is as indefinite as the end. It can be interpreted as a dream happening in the mind of the tormented woman that appears out of nowhere at the beginning of the play. And since it is a dream, all that is seen may be illusions and the impressions may not be real, but what one feels is real.

Scene from the play (DVD by Carlos Ebert). Me (behind) e Ricardo Socalschi.

As most of the group, I do not only act in the play. I wrote one of the scenes, I created several objects used in the play (a fetus, light canes, artificial eyes), I act as one of the blind men and play the soundtrack on the piano when I’m not acting. I also translated the text to English (since in Germany the play will be performed in English with parts in Portuguese and German).

So for the next two weeks I will be in Germany. I’ll be away from this computer (which I usually take everywhere) but I will update my blogs whenever I have a chance with news and pictures. I’m anxious to meet actors from all over the world in this festival, and also to get to know western Germany (I’ve never been to any part of Germany). I expect to visit Köln and its famous gothic cathedral. I’m taking some theatre books to read on the plane and Walter Kauffman’s translation of Goethe’s Faust (I still can’t read in German) which is a good book to take on a trip to Germany, even if I don't have time to read it. On Monday we should arrive in Dusseldorf (where there is a vampire, but luckily we will arrive during the day), and from there we should go to Gelsenkirchen, where we will camp together with people from other 15 countries.

My next post will be from Europe. If you read Portuguese, check also my other blog. If you are nearby, here are the details if you wish to see our performance:

Dress your body in thorns
by Núcleo Experimental dos Satyros, São Paulo, Brazil. Collaborative text. Directed by Alberto Guzik.
Herne: Tuesday 13.06. – 10.00 a.m. Herne / Flottmann-Hallen
Essen: Wednesday 07.06. – 10.00 a.m. Essen / Studio-Bühne – Zollverein XII – Halle 12
Duration: 40 minutes.
Actors: Fabiana Souza, Ana Lúcia Felipe, Ana Pereira dos Santos, Andressa Cabral, Helder da Rocha, Luis Paulo Maeda, Maria Campanelli Haas, Peterson Ramos, Ricardo Socalschi, Teka Romualdo, Wanderley Firmino.
See more about the festival at the Playoff'06 website.

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