Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back from Europe, back to reality

People from 15 countries were one world in this timeless village, which now only exists in our memories.

I have just returned from Germany and still trying to adapt to reality and the long nights of São Paulo. I'm preparing a big post about the trip, the Play-off theatre festival, our performances in Herne and Essen, the other plays, the people, the places and much more. See my Flickr and Fotolog where I have published some photos.


Anonymous said...

Also just back from Europe and trying to get in touch with you, Heldar. My name was off the list and my e mail address..don't know how to deal with it..can you e mail me?

Helder da Rocha said...

Hi Elizabeth. I can e-mail you, but first I need your email. You can also send me e-mail: helder dot darocha at gmail dot com.