Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Consol Theater

Consol Theater, seen from the camp

This post was originally written in Portuguese.

In 1863, seven coal industries combined their mines under one firm named Consolidation, popularly known as Consol. Between 1872 e 1876, Consolidation was the largest mining company of the Ruhr area. 15 thousand tonnes of coal were lifted daily up the Consolidation 3 tower. It stopped operating in 1993.

Since September 2001, the areas 3, 4 and 9 of the former Consolidation mining company, located in Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck, are used by the Consol Theater. The main theatre is located in the ventilation building.

From June 5 to 18, this year, I lived in a tented village set up beside Consol Theater, together with other participants from 15 countries which took part in the Play-off/06 international theatre festival.

See other images of Bergwerk* Consolidation and Consol Theater.
Bergwerk Consolidation (Consolidation coal mine)Camp and Consol TheaterBergwerk Consolidation from Google Earth

*Bergwerk means coal mine in German. The mining companies were also called Zeche.

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